Rectify Your Traits

New one we did for an independent film/B horror flick who’s story-line takes place in 1984. I wrote this song when I was 15 with my very first “band” so it was fitting to dust it off since it was written during that time. Used Cubase for vocals and guitars and Reason 4.0 for everything else.

The link is for download site Box? Nothing there to hear oh well

I enjoyed listening to some material off your other link.


Great sound…reminiscent of whoever it was who did “cars” in the eighties, good commercial sound I reckon…Kevin

yeh i like this reminds me of nick cave ,or sisters of mercy , being checking your other stuff ,you do some nice recordings and well balanced eq`ing , you will have to post a utube clip how you mix and master your songs , good stuff.

Thanks for the nice comments. Rewrote lyrics, recorded, mixed & mastered in less than 24 hours due to a deadline that I didn’t have much time to 2nd guess myself. Maybe that’s what I should do with all my mixes which sometimes take months because I am so friggin anal! I never did a software tutorial before and I wouldn’t want it to look cheesy.