Recurring crash on specific project

Hey everyone,

I’ve got a recurring crash on one specific project (quite an important one due soon), and I would love some help getting to the bottom of it.

If anyone could take a look at the crash dump and see if you can nail anything down from it? Basically it’ll load 1/5 times, but when it does my hard drive is filled to near capacity with temporary RAM, which only clears once I close the project again.

I run a LOT of a complex projects and have produced, mixed, and mastered so many projects with this same setup and have never had this problem before.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Cubase 13.0.30 64bit2024.5.4 (1.1 MB)

I don’t understand all the debug stuff, but it points to “More is More.vst3”.

  • Contact the vendor?
  • Replace the plugin with something else?
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Ahhhh okay, thanks for that, this is perfect. Guess I won’t be using that again! I’ll be going back to my more reliable go-to ones (Fabfilter etc.).

I really appreciate the help!

Happy to help!