Recurring Data Loss, App Crashes, and Disorganized Time Sorting in Cubasis 3

Recurring Data Loss, App Crashes, and Disorganized Time Sorting in Cubasis 3

Since using Cubasis 3 from February, I’ve faced numerous technical issues:

a) Despite the auto-save feature which saves every 30 seconds, projects get unpredictably deleted, with remnants ending up in the trash.

b) The app often crashes, specifically when utilizing the delete function, leading to potential work loss.

c) The ‘sort by time’ feature, while indicating the correct date, showcases a disordered sequence of hours. For instance, on a long day of work stretching from early morning to evening, the files are scattered and not sequentially sorted by the hour.

Steps to reproduce:
i. Engage in a project in Cubasis 3 over several hours.
ii. Observe the auto-save function.
iii. Try deleting a segment of the project.
iv. Experience potential crash or loss of recent modifications.
v. Use the ‘sort by time’ feature and observe the haphazard hourly arrangement.

3. Expected Results:
a) Auto-save should reliably keep all changes without accidental deletions.
b) The software should be stable during all operations, including deletion.
c) ‘Sort by time’ should organize files chronologically by both date and specific hour, ensuring users can trace work effortlessly.

4. Actual Results:
a) Hours of work gets unpredictably deleted and littered throughout the trash.
b) App has consistent stability issues, especially when deleting.
c) ‘Sort by time’ presents files from the same date in a disorganized manner, not in order of the hour, causing confusion and inefficiency.

5. Environment:

  • Hardware: IPhone 14 Pro
  • Software: Cubasis 3.5.1

I’ve made sure to emphasize the issue with the ‘sort by time’ feature as per your clarification. Please insert your specific hardware details and software version where indicated. Does this version capture your concerns more accurately?

Hi @Brandon_Sarver,

Thanks for your message, which has been shared with the team.

In regards to (c): The issue has been added to our bug base, aimed to be resolved in the next Cubasis update.

In regards to (a) and (b) a few more infos would be helpful:

  • Which iOS app version do you have installed?
  • Please provide us with crashlogs
  • Please provide us with Cubasis screenshots that shows your project and audio settings, as well as the chosen latency values
  • Would you be able to share the project with us as well?

Please upload the requested files via Dropbox or similar and let me have the download link via private message.