ReCycle way of work

Hi guys. Lets see if I can explain my question.

Everybody that knows the Recycle Loop Files, knows that the program mark the transients and each transient become a separated sample, where you can use a kind of midi signal to play each transient, in other words, you can play the instruments of a loop file, in your keyboard programming each key to be each transient, so you can build different loop styles or change the characteristic of the current loop very easily.

I’ve saw a video where Sean Tyas (Trance producer) uses Logic to work with a recycle loop, changing the volume and the characteristics of each instrument from the loop very easy…removing the kick of the loop and so on.

My question is: Can I do that in Cubase 6.5? If yes, how?

I’ve saw that In cubase I use the hitpoints that I create, after I split it, so Cubase creates a kind of pack of each transient separated, and after that I send it all to the Groove One…this is one way of working…that’s the only way? Because on that way I have to create a midi channel, inserting each note in exactly correct sequence to make Cubase play the loop like Recycle…I can do that, but it needs more work than in Logic for instance.

I’m sure you can import .rx2 files and cubase will lay them out on an audio track all split up but in position.

Then I suppose you can edit and split the loop into different tracks as you like. page 524 of the operation manual.

Never used it with Groove agent but if it works, and you have Recycle, you can export the loop from there with a midi file which will play back your loop correctly in Groove Agent, or other sampler.

Basically, As long as your separate rex ‘chunks’ start from C1 upwards you can use the midi file and any sampler to play the rex correctly – and then mess with it!