red book cd burning in cubase 6

Hi there,

does anyone have advice on adding a ISRC code in cubase 6. I’ve just mastered an album for a friend and don’t know how to include the ISRC code when mastering/burning. Any advice would be much appreciated!

Cheers, Philpy

Do it in your burning software. (if it lets you)

I use CD Architect for this. Works great and considered a safer way to burn than most programs … especially when you set it up right.


Hello philpy,

You can’t do that with Cubase, but with WaveLab! :slight_smile:

Thanks Jason!

Thanks for the advice!

Can I do it on the lite version of wavelab?

Aloha and +1

If by the lite version of Wavelab you mean Wavelab Elements, yes. It’s very good for compiling CDs.

If you mean Wavelab Lite, that once upon a time used to be bundled with Cubasis VST, then no.

I think you get a limited free trial of Elements bundled with C6 but not sure as I already had it so didn’t need the trial.

Elements does have a limited feature set though, also in the way CD markers can be set. Only CD split markers are possible, and not separate Track start and Track end markers. This may or may not be a problem for you, ofcourse.

Luck, Arjan