Red Pepper (rhythm section)

New tune production in the works, next I’ll add the trumpet, trombone, and sax parts, and then add other rhythm section patterns for variety. Bass lines are from Keyfax and are automated with Cubase 8.5 chord track. The guitar is Native Instruments Scarbee Funk Guitarist, and the piano is Toontrack Studio Grand with patterns from Toontrack and Keyfax. Drums are Loop Loft Dry Drums with Steinberg multi-band EQ and drum chamber. Main reverb is Steinberg Reverence running a Lexicon 960L quad impulse response. Check it out when you get a chance:

You’re getting the funky sound you’re after! Nice to listen to. Mix sounds great. What do you want to do with it, in terms of theme/melody? I like it.

Thanks! It’s going to have trumpet melody with tenor sax harmony, and a trombone counter melody. I want to use the plunger mute and growl effects of the SampleModeling trumpet. I’m going to switch the rhythm section to a New Orleans 2nd-line street beat for the first chorus of the solo section to add variety.