Red rectangle with "4/4 (q,1+1+1+1)" inside

I’m working on various things in Dorico that started as xml files exported from Logic. There will occasionally be a red rectangle with “4/4 (q,1+1+1+1)” inside of it at the beginning of a measure. What are these and how can I get rid of them?


This is a “signpost”, you see them when there is a hidden time signature in your score (very handy, actually). As the file you are working on is an XML import, it is not as clean as it would have been if you had written it from scratch in Dorico. It is then “normal” that some discrepancies due to that file format appear in your score. You can either delete that hidden time signature change (which I suspect is NO change, otherwise the time signature would not be hidden), or choose not to display the time-signature signposts. You access that through the View menu > Signposts and untick Time Signatures.
Hope it helps !

Thanks! I tried deleting it and it ended up messing u the measure it was near, so I’ll just hide it.

I had one of these appear after deleted an unneeded double bar line. I try to delete it but nothing happens. Rather than hide this there must be a way to delete it?

Usually, selecting the signpost and hitting delete works. With barlines, it’s a little bit different. They’re part of the time signature system of Dorico and their behavior is a little bit specific: select the barline and hit delete. If you’ve set a “normal” barline from the right panel or the popover, you’ve set an explicit barline that looks like a normal barline but is a little different beast. Deleting explicit barlines result in “normal” implicit barlines, without signposts. Hope this helps!