Red Wine And Brownies

I wrote this a couple of years ago. The band, when there is a band, does this one, but this recording was just finished by me alone. I play the guitar and the bass, and Mr. Midi plays the keys, drums, and percussion. Would appreciate any comments on how it sounds to your ears. Thanks in advance.
Top one in the list:

you guys did a great job on this tune…nice and tight! Enjoyed it!

respect…you make this sound easy…Kevin

not what i’d usually listen to but your guitar playing makes it worth it, i could listen to you play all day long :smiley:

Hi Early,

Great song and playing! :sunglasses:
Right up my alley!

The mix sounds good to me.


BTW, Red Wine and Brownies?!? :open_mouth: I like them both, but together?.. :astonished:

niiice swing to this one early, you’ve got a great feel for this style. love that set up at 1:20 to the next movement, too cool. hah dig the trem ends. lol nice title, reminds me of song names from my favorite canuck 3 piece…no not rush, this band blows rush away. called “uzeb” if ya get a chance. always liked "goodbye pork pie hat, lol.
anyway, nice flow early, mix comes through quite good here.
btw, I wondered whether you heard the backtrack I posted for you to listen to, if you did and its not your thing, no worries.

Thanks for listening ferencz, it was actually just me … the recording of the guys doing it is not nearly so clean!

Thanks, Kevin, appreciate the feedback.

Thanks THS. I have always tried to be just good enough so that I could play my own compositions… Not a flashy player, but hopefully competent.

Thanks Wim, appreciate your feedback on the mix… worked hard on that, and hopefully I’m getting better as I go along.

The name actually was inspired by band practice. We often consumed red wine, and one time the keyboard player’s wife brought us up some brownies. So I can testify that they don’t go together, but in that situation, you would have consumed both too! I think that was also when she said “hey, you guys are getting better - you don’t suck any more!”

Hey Bob, glad you like it. Will look into Uzeb. Goodbye Porkpie Hat? The old Mingus tune?
Also, maybe I missed something… where did you post a backtrack for me to listen to? Maybe I missed a message… Always willing to help over here…

LOve Red wine and Brownies and the tune also lol. Like the 2-3 clave part and the way it stops and pans left for the metal rim (?) sound great placement! Killer playing and good mix also

As always, it sounds great.

Thanks for listening, Ken, appreciate the feedback.

Thanks, JL, for giving it a listen.

Hey Early,

lovely tune, lovely progressions and great playing. Funnily enough, of all the tunes you’ve posted, I thought this one could do with somebody swapping licks with you on the piano - but a great song nonetheless.


No nits on this one! :smiley:
Great guitar work as usual, very smooth!
Mix sounds pretty spot on to me


Really enjoyed the vibe from the moment it started. Sounded really good melodically and rhythmically. The solo sections weren’t too over the top and retained the melodic stucture, which is usually my main criticism with this style of music so I’m glad I didn’t have to make it.

I do agree with someone above and felt a piano might add to it, subtly. Just occasionally parts sounded a little empty in regards to counterpoint. Felt like it could have maybe had a few chord stabs on the end to finish it off. Other than those small things I thoroughly enjoyed listening, all 3 times, thanks for posting and well done.

Hey Steve, thanks for the comments. Actually, this is one the occasionally-rehearsing band does, and in that version, we have a nice two chorus piano solo. I just didn’t want to fake another midi piano solo, so I put the little trading licks section in there instead. Perhaps I’ll get our piano man over one of these days and add a piano solo in there. He’s a busy guy!

Thanks for the input, Sav! Glad it’s coming across smoothly.

Thanks Jonathan, I do agree on the piano comments, and may improve it one of these days if I can get my keyboardist over. Appreciate the thoughts on the ending too. Got a similar comment from a friend; thinking about subtle changes I can make to improve especially at the ending. Very helpful!