Redirect MIDI from a track to another MIDI/Instrument track BY NAME via popup menu

often one would like to try out how a MIDI part would sound on other instruments when played in on - say a piano track.

Currently it seems it is possible to re-route the MIDI to another INSTRUMENT track MIDI input - and one can change the MIDI channel that MIDI is going out on - which works sometimes. But one cannot simply redirect the MIDI to another MIDI track. At least I can’t see any simple way.

But When one is using for example Vienna Ensemble Pro for the bulk of ones instruments and has MIDI going to different ports the simple redirecting of midi to a different channel number ( on the same port ) wont work.

Plus it would be much more user friendly if one merely needed to select the MIDI target track BY NAME in a dropdown.

So for example I might have different string libraries on different ports - all hosted in VEP. I might want to see what a melody played in originally on a piano track - sounds like when redirected to say - a solo violin on port 1 channel 2 OR solo viola on port 3 channel 3.

Being able to simply pick BY NAME from a dropdown menu somewhere - either in the inspector OR the track area - and send the MIDI to either of these instruments - SIMPLY by name - not having to worry about MIDI channels etc - would be so useful.

Obviously there would have to be some kind of safety feature to avoid midi feedback loops but that’s not too hard.