redownload of GA4 content

Hi everyone.

Can anyone tell me how or where to find my "downloadable’ GA4 “purchased” content on the Steinberg site ?
I had a major system crash thanks to windows 10, had to start all over again.
I sent in a support request but steinberg has yet to respond.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Please take a look around Steinberg’s site before contacting support. It’s right here on their Downloads page:

Download and install “Groove Agent 4 - Complete Installation” first, then apply the Groove Agent 4.2.40 update.

Hey John,

Al here in NJ… you may not remember but you helped me out a whole lot maybe back in 2008? Not sure of the dates but I’ve never forgotten it. Great seeing you here again…

Once again…Thanks

Thanks for your assistance.

I’ve already done this and combed thru steinbergs site. I’m referring to the expansion packs, fusion, rock and jazz essentials.

Thanks again.

Hey Al,
Great to see you too. I remember ya. I dont get on here often. Especially since the old forum went down @

Geeze that was along time ago.
Peace brother…

The content expansions can be downloaded here, under “Sound Content & Accessories”:

Wow !. I scoured the Steinberg website many times looking for this content. I could not find it. And to make things worse. Steinberg Tech support has yet to respond to my tech support request. I’ve been a user since cubase 4.0 Anyway, that’s sour grapes and I really do love Cubase, NEVER have issues.

Thank you very much for assisting me.

I was at least a senior member at the old forum, over a thousand posts but lost interest when it all started over in the new forum.
Mr. Romantique Tp… Thank you. I’ll attempt to renew the GA4 Content asap. I’m very grateful for your help.

Thanks again…