redownload the software that you buy

ideas for steinberg.

all the software that you buy you register. say you lost your software or your cd don’t work no more or you want to install your software on a 2e computer bud you don’t have cd with you. you can redownload the software from the steinberg site on your account.

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Which brings up the question that as a Cubase Mac user;
Is Cubase (at some future point) going to be sold in the ‘on-line’ Mac App Store?

If so, one of the features of the store is about what the OP posted.
—multiple downloads of purchased apps.




Allow downloads through our MySteinberg Account. Phuck Apple’s AppStore.

don,t see the Appstore happening because than steinberg have to split the earnings. so 10 a 20 % for apple and the rest for steinberg. ok it wood be nice and easy bud no i agree with SirJoseph.

I CAN … but I don’t intend to download IK Multimedia Amplitube LE which was bundled with my Sound card, but I can download all the other stuff I’ve bought since then as well.


Why not just have all programs digital distribution friendly? Halion hint hint…
If they sell that many copies that bogs down the servers then who cares, they will make more money.

One or two years ago I downloaded 5 plugins from IK Multimedia in the Super Duper Extravaganza Group Buy or what ever it was called and it now is 30GB uncompressed and put in the library. :sunglasses: It helps of course with a good connection … :confused: But if those of us who can download do that instead of clogging the system for those who need a box distributed it’s still a win-win, right? :sunglasses: