ReDownloading cubase 12 pro

Hi all
I installed cubase pro12 on my PC and It felt like the software is still in development phase and i could not get it to do anything. I deleted it from my PC and need to download and install it again. But the steinberg website does not give me a clue as to how to do it. Should I blame it on Covid?
Please help.
Many thanks

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Why? Could you be more specific, please?

Please, download Steinberg Download Assistant, where you can download Cubase.

Hi Martin
I need to reinstall cubase from scratch and i need a link from my account to start downloading. But there are no links. With other software like matlab or sibelius, i can download as soon as i login to my account. where can i find the download link in my account page?
Thank you in advance for your help.

Many thanks Martin.

Hi Martin
Sorry I missed your first comment. I can send you comments regarding my first comment. It just feels that the previous versions were more robust. It might be my experience but it seems like I am struggling to get the software work in a stable fashion.


As I mentioned, you can download Cubase from the Steinberg Download Assistant.


Why? What does it lead you to this feeling? What happened?

sure, I will try to explain. With cubase 4 I was recording within 10 minutes of installing. But with the 12 pro I was still struggling to set up “things” after 1 week of downloading. In fact after many days the software decided that I had no elicencer. I did not even know what I had done. I have been working with cubase for many years and I also work with other music software so I could say I am not an absolute beginner. But the experience I had with pro 12 was that I felt I was putting more effort on understanding the software than producing music. It might be that i am getting too old :grin:
If you want I can share my experience when i re-download and re-install.
As a matter of interest, Hoe do I get to the Steinberg download assistant from my account page? I thought there would be a link in my account page?
If not, hoe do i get to the steinberg download assistant without needing to trouble you guys. :smiley:


I sent you the link for the Steinberg Download Assistant twice already. See above, please.

many thanks :+1: