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Sorry for bothering you with presumably old and already discussed topics, but I haven’t found any solution (in this forum, the internet) that works for me:

The following is also a problem of the again sdk-example by Steinberg: Entering wrong (out-of-range) values in the gain text field are not always corrected in the GUI.

I have a very similar and simple setup: I use the new WYSIWYG-editor and I create an own view with the ViewCreatorAdapter, derived from the CTextEditor. Nothing fancy. This view is tagged with a the Steinberg-given RangeParameter that does (on the basis of minPlain and maxPlain, the parameters of the RangeParameter-constructor) a range-check. If I enter out-of-range values in the GUI, the adapted / corrected values are not reflected in my view. Strangely, a correction only happens the first time…

Thanks for your help!

I’m not able to reproduce the out-of-range issue with again. Can you write down a step by step instruction what needs to be done to get this behaviour?


just enter -500 in the numerical value field and press enter, and then do this again. The first time, the value is corrected (to -oo) and the second time (and further times) nothing happens.

Adapting the method bool Parameter::setNormalized (ParamValue normValue) solved it (added a changed()) but I am not sure whether this is really the best method to handle this issue.

I was able to reproduce this issue and we will have a fix in the next version.

Thanks for reporting,

Hi Arne,

Thx for your support, much appreciated! :blush: