Reduce cc07 curves by same amount

Greetings all,
I need to bring down all the notes in an hour-long section of notes by a uniform amount. I have previously mixed all instruments too loud. I have tried to select in Write mode all the notes and have successfully brought them down in the midi note velocity editor by the same amount but there is no corresponding reduction in the curves I have drawn in the CC07 editor . Is there any way I can bring all the CC07 curves down by the same amount and thus avoid the need to redo the mixing again? This would save me a great deal of time! I have downloaded and installed the 3.5.12 update.
Many thanks in advance for your speedy reply.

I’m afraid there’s no way to apply a transformation like this to data in the automation lanes, though it would certainly be good if there were, Peter. Unfortunately I can’t think of an alternative to having to create the data again. Perhaps you can save a bit of time by copying and pasting values from one lane to the next?

Hi Daniel, thamks for getting back to me so promptly. Copying values from one lane to the next won’t work for me. Since I have so many layers of independent melodies across all the instruments. the mixing is meticulous and time-consuming. I love the simplicity and sound quality that Dorico offers. I still have the blasting into my ears many times on playback but I expect that this problem came over from an import from Cubase. I also find the drawing pen in Play mode very hard to find since I have cataracts. A bright colour would be great for me. Anyway,
generally I am very happy with Dorico.
Stay safe over in the U.K,
Kind regards,
Peter Baldwin