reduce -> downstem voices?

I am working on a score where sometimes I want to reduce 3 staves from a previous version onto one staff. Whenever I paste with the reduce command, it unfailingly pastes into Downstem Voice 1, even in an empty staff. I have the default voices set to upstem on all staves. Even stranger, if I use the explode command it always pastes into upstem voice 1. Is there a way to make reduce paste into upstem by default, so I don’t have to change it manually?

If all else fails, you can use Edit > Voice > Change Voice to change to the desired up-stem voice.

Yes I know, I just don’t understand why the default paste is always downstem.

It isn’t: Dorico chooses the first available voice on the staff. Presumably for some reason the first available voice on that staff is a down-stem voice.

The staff in question is empty at that point. And it happens even in bar 1

If the project started life via MusicXML, then it’s entirely possible for Dorico to have determined that the voice for the music on that staff should have been imported using a down-stem voice, and if the up-stem voice is empty, then it will be removed when the project is next opened.

Thanks, Daniel. :slight_smile: