Reduce Tempo in Cycle Range - Macro / PLE

Hi folks,

some time ago I’ve seen a thread about a Macro that reduces/increases tempo in cycle range. Unfortunately the explanation wasn’t complete.

According to that instruction, I managed to get the PLE working to i.e. decrease the selected tempo nodes dividing them by a factor XY.

(Data type = equal -> Tempo    AND
Property -> Property set -> Event selected)

(Trim -> divide by -> XY)

But how can I manage to build a macro, that does set a tempo node on left and right locator, then selects all the nodes in between und runs it through my PLE Preset?

That macro would be a big time saver for recording fast passages when you already spotted the movie and set your tempo automation.


I’m afraid this is not possible. You can’t add a Tempo Node by using a Key Command/function, which you could use in the Macro.

Thank you Martin.

This is sad. What would you consider the fastest workaround for the issue of reducing tempo to MIDI record fast passages and afterwards returning to original tempo, without using too much mouse? :unamused:


On the Tempo Track, click to the Open Process Tempo Dialog. I believe here you will find what you need.

Thanks a lot. This is doing exactly what I wanted. :slight_smile: