Reduce the label in proportion to the staff

Is there a way to make the label reduce in proportion to the reduction of the staff?
I need to reduce the stave at a particular point but the label remains unchanged at its original size.

I have not been able to find anything about this…


Might possibly depend on your Paragraph Style for Staff Labels, and whether it’s set to Absolute or Staff Relative size?

Thank you for your reply, benwiggy.

This is the first thing I checked and it is set to Staff-relative. As the name implies, the reduction should be relative to the size of the staff. Instead, nothing happens…

Can you say how you’re reducing the size of the staff, @mati? If you’re using the Space size property at a system break, then it will reduce the size of all staves and also all staff-relative text, including staff labels.

I am reducing the stave trough edit->notations->staff size (or mac ctrl-click).
For editorial reasons (and the editor complains to me that the label has not been reduced), only one staff needs to be reduced, not all of them.
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Hi mati,
to change the font size of the reduced staff (in your case the Flute) go to Setup → Players, click on the little arrow near the Flute Player to display the instrument, click on the three little points and choose “Edit names…”. In the dialog change the font size for both the Full name and the Short name as desired (first select the text in the white area and then change the font size.)
Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Hi Christian,
by doing as you advise, the change is global while the needed reduction is only for certain predefined systems. Then the size have to return to 100%. The staff label should change size accordingly (de facto through local changes).

I’m afraid that isn’t possible at the moment, because the staff labels are scaled according to the global space size, not the size of the scaled staff.