Reduced Price for Nuage

Our Yamaha Nuage units are still for Sale: Mint condition, 2x fader and 1x master modules. Purchased in 2019, modules are in pristine condition. Due to lack of interest we drop the price one final time to $5500 for the whole lot. Needs to ship or be picked up before April 30th due to building demolition. Contact me via DM for more details and inquiries.

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Where is that Nuage located ?

Everybody should jump on this offer. Nuage is mindblowing good. For that price, it should be sold within minutes!


Thanks Fredo. Fully agree on the Nuage being a great system but unfortunately the interest in the system has been very limited. We have had the system listed since early March and except for one or two inquiries have never even received any interest. Now even with the price so drastically reduced we are still not confident that the system will actually sell before the deadline. :frowning:

A few months ago, there was a Nuage System on Sale in Belgium, it was sold within hours.
So don’t dispair!


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Someone asked about where this is… where is it?

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We’re in Israel, which makes it even more complicated for us - 100% of the customer base is either EU or US. TBH we’re even considering to cover shipping anywhere, because of the deadline.

That’s interesting. I gouged the forum before my initial post earlier this year but the last post I found was from 2022. Do you happen to know by any chance at what price point this sold and what was included ?

I posted the message beginning Februari 24, you should find it easily.
Was a Faderpack demo unit from the Belgian distributor which was sold for 3.500€.

Let me see if I can get in touch with the buyer, he might want to expand his system.


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Oh yes just saw the post way down in the Nuage sub thread, it does seem even those single units sell at a steep discount. If your contacts would buy this off us it would be absolutely fantastic, because interest has been very low - let me know any opportunities that present themselves on that end, thanks again Fredo.

Hi @chris.durrell , Fredo was so kind to let me know about your sale. Can I get some more details please?

Thanks Leander. I’ve send you a DM

We are reducing the price one final time to $5250 (1x master, 2x fader), and will include worldwide shipping & delivery in the price. The system needs to sell ASAP.

Hello. I already have (2x master and 2x fader). I just bought unused demo system (1x master, 1x fader and small workspace) for 2000$

I would like to buy one fader unit from you for 1500$. Is that something you would consider?

Hello Chris, Is this item still up for sale?