Reducing (by half) note length and space in between

Hey gang,

How can I take a section of midi and halve all lengths then tighten the gap in-between the notes so that it sounds like it is being played at double the tempo (without doubling the tempo of course).

For example, say I have a long phrase a mix of quarter-notes and eighth-notes played legato at 120 tempo and now want to repeat the same legato phrase now expressed as eighth-notes and sixteenth-notes played legato at 120 tempo.

How can I do this using the tools in cubase?

Thanks for your help!!

I usually just do it manually but the logical editor can do that, I’m pretty sure.

Make up some midi like you want then highlight it and open the Logical editor and look through the presets.

Seems like there’s a half time double time type of deal in there.

Thanks! I posted this elsewhere just to cover my bases–here are two great solutions:

That sounds great, going to have to give that a try thanks