Reducing Reverb in 9 downgraded from 7?

Hello everyone,

I currently have the Spectral Layers Pro 9 installed on my machine and I’ve noticed something missing from the Reduce Reverb feature.

The below screenshot is from a video giving a tutorial from Spectral Layers Pro 7

Meanwhile, Spectral Layers Pro 9 doens’t seem to have the Analyze or Threshhold Button.

Is there a different workflow to this that I’m not aware of?

SL7 was using algorithm-based reverb reduction.
SL8 switched to AI-based reverb reduction.
SL10 improved AI reverb reduction significantly over v8 and v9, with an AI specialized in voice reverb reduction.

So, in my case, my only workflow at the moment is a straight forward apply and reduce? No sampling required?

Yes indeed.