Reducing the time for saving/auto-saving needed!

Hello guys form Steiny! :slight_smile: Please, do something to make Cubase to save / auto-save much faster than it is in Cubase Pro 9. It takes too much time when working with heavy projects… For around 60GB (RAM) projects it takes between 45 - 50 seconds to save it /43 - 44 sec to save it on Samsung Pro 960 NVMe SSD/. This time has to be reduced more than twice! 20 seconds for this process is somehow much more acceptable. What about people who have projects which take 96GB, 128GB of RAM?!
I’m sure that something can be done to solve this :slight_smile:
My system configuration is HP Z820 2x Octa-core Xeon E5-2670, 64GB RAM DDR 3 1333MHz, Windows 7 Ultimate SP1. The HDD for projects is HP SAS Disk over LSI.

Greetings and success! :slight_smile: