Reducing Volume of Wave File


Sorry if this is obvious but I’m only just getting into using audio, normally a midi man.

I have ripped an audio track from a Backing Track cd using WMP (Wav format) but the volume is very loud compared to the other ripped tracks. I need to lower the volume and resave it without effecting the quality of the recording, to match the other tracks.

Can I do this within Cubase 6 ?


You could do this a number of ways.

Probably simplest is to turn it down in the mixer or grab the volume handle on the waveform & drag it down so the track is at the level you want compared to your other tracks. (You could import another one into Cubase to compare)

Then go to file/export audio mixdown.
You can leave the stereo out ticked on the left…name your new file & set location on the right
Exporting will create a new file with the reduced volume .

TBH such a simple process might be easier done in a more basic wave editor like Audacity (free) or of course any of Steinberg’s own Wavelab family. These open more quickly & it’s very simple to change the audio & hit save rather than re-exporting the file.

I didn’t realise it was that easy.

I do have Audacity, but using something like ‘Normalise’ just chopped the peaks off, I suspect causing it to lose some of the Dynamics. Could I just turn the Gain slider down and resave - hardly ever use Audacity so I’m far from an expert?


While using event handles is fine, if I’m changing the volume of the whole file I prefer to go into the Pool and change its Gain, leaving the audio event handles to even out inconsistencies (although in your case it doesn’t sound like you’ll be doing any chopping).

Right-click on the file
Go down to the Process sub-menu and select Gain
Set the Gain level required (you can rehearse this visually by using the volume handles on events as mentioned before)
You can now Bounce the audio to a new file if you want, though I don’t usually bother

Audacity is very good but there’s no need for it really in this case. (Curious as to how you got the Normalise function to clip.)

Doesn’t normalise just pull up the entire clip untill the highest peak hits 0db?

Or a predefined level.

I used the negative gain, in Cubase - it worked a treat, thanks :slight_smile: