Redundant accidentals?

Can anyone tell me why in m. 11 (third measure of this system) the A♭ in the RH and A♮ in the LH get repeated accidentals? Is it because of that conflict?

I’m also open to ideas about whether I should keep them. I’m inclined to hide them since they’re literally repeated chords.

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Presumably because the natural in the bass is ‘cancelling’ the flat above it, not before it.

There doesn’t seem to be a Notation Option to alter this, though.

Right. That’s what I was assuming, and I was a little surprised to not find a Notation Option for it.

I’d suppress them.

If I see additional accidentals on repeated chords I’d presume (if sight-reading at least) that this was because something was changing between the chords. If not, hide them, imho.


This came up a year and a half ago.