Redundant clef change in cue

I attached a short excerpt of a piece.
If you look at the “Tuba (oktaviert)” Part, you can see a redundant clef change at the end of the cue, I can’t get rid of.
Test (1.24 MB)

I don’t know ‘why’ this worked but try this. Select cue, open Properties Panel, set Transposed Clef to Bass, then set it back to None. Gone.

Thank you Craig! At least a workaround.
The problem is probably caused by the new transposing layouts possibilities, as the redundant clef changes are in a part, where I changed the clef and the sounding octave.

Here is a screen shot:

I don’t think, that this intended. I only get this in transposed parts with the new transpoing and clef changing options.

In fact the problem here is that Dorico should be showing a bass clef with no octave transposition reminder at the start of the cue, not that the clef at the end of the cue should not be appearing. We’ll take care of this.

The notes of trombone 4 are E3. The octave transposition of the Bass clef is transposing them one octave lower (that’s how the part is sounding), but the “8va” of the cue indication transposes them up again. Therfore I thought, that the clef after the cue is redundant.