Redundant Clef on Instrument Change

Has this been asked before? I couldn’t seem to find it in the forum.

When going from Bass Clarinet to Clarinet in Bb (which has the same transposition except for the octave), Dorico adds a treble clef at the spot of the change to clarinet. There’s no new key signature obviously because the transposition is the same. I’m assuming this is an issue with the fact that the bass clarinet appears in bass clef in the score. In the score, yes you’d need that treble clef to indicate going from bass clef to treble clef, but in the part the bass clarinet is already in treble clef so the new treble clef seems redundant in my opinion. Or is this the desired functionality? And how do you even hide that clef if you wanted to?
Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 1.59.54 PM.png

I suspect you might have had an extra staff or an ossia on one or other of these two instruments at some point when preparing this project, which can result in a redundant clef – however, this should be fixed in today’s 2.2.10 update, so please download and install the update. If you still have the problem after updating, please upload the project, or even just the exported clarinet/bass clarinet layout so I can take a look and figure out what’s going on.

Daniel, I can reproduce this in a virgin 2.2.1 file. The bass clarinet stave has a bass clef in the © score but shows as a treble clef in the part. The Clarinet In Bb stave has a treble clef in both transposing and concert pitch. I can’t see an easy way around it, but I’m very happy to post my trivial example if it helps you.

Aha, well, that will explain it. Dorico will only suppress the clef at an instrument change if it’s truly the same clef, and unfortunately a clef that displays as bass in concert pitch and treble in transposed clef is not the same as one that displays treble in both concert and transposed pitch. I’ll make a note of this, as we need to do a more sophisticated check on whether the clef is truly the same.

Gotcha. As a follow up, I was just playing around with these instrument changes in a new default document. The same problem occurs if you go from Bassoon to Bass Clarinet except a redundant BASS clef gets put in the SCORE this time. Obviously a different clef should appear in the part in this instance but not the score.
And obviously it’s not just the Bass Clarinet. Bari Sax, Tenor Sax etc. when they’re used with bass clef in the score will have the same issue when changing to a Clarinet or Flute or what not. Interestingly, if you go from Bass Clarinet to Bari Sax the redundant clef does not appear, I’m assuming because Dorico recognizes those two instruments as having the same clef (transposition).
Anyway, I suppose a redundant clef is better than a missing clef in these cases, but yeah this should probably get fixed eventually.