Redundant Key Editors open with new MIDI events

Steps to reproduce in 9.0.1:

  1. Create an empty session
  2. Create a MIDI event
  3. Press shortcut to open it in Key Editor
  4. Switch to the Arrange window, but leaving the Key Editor open
  5. Create another MIDI event
  6. Press shortcut to open the new MIDI event in Key Editor

Result: Two Key Editor windows. Can repeat multiple times for even more windows.

The important point is that the new MIDI event was created after a Key Editor is already open. If the events existed before, it works as expected, switching to the already open Key Editor. No duplicates.

Tested on Windows 10.

I don’t think this is a bug. Cubase reuses the old window if you check Preferences > Editors > Editor Content Follows Event Selection

Tested in 9.0.10