Reenter notes / SIB German:Tonhöhen neu eingeben

Hi everybody,
I’m afraid I posted this before, but I searched the forum and didn’t find.

I’ve got a score for piano, where both hands play rhythmically simultaneous: for example riffs like Smoke on the water or something else…
In SIB I entered the riff for the right hand - copied it to the left hand, chose “Tonhöhen neu eingeben” and could simply enter the bass line without having to take care of the rests - Sib simply jumped from note to note, wrote the bass notes and deleted the copied notes. I even didn’t have to change the duration of the notes - that was done by Sib automatically.

Is there a similar function in DORICO?


Yes. As in Sibelius you copy and paste the notes, select the first note in the left hand. Then hit L (lock durations) and retype your pitches.

It’s also explained in this Discover Dorico video:

Thanks alot, both of you