\ref in Dorico?

Is there a way to reference, for example, flow titles from inserted pages or other flows? I’m thinking of something along the lines of LaTex’s \ref, \pageref, etc. It would be incredibly useful for editorial and pedagogical editions.

Yes, it’s {@flownWhatever@} rather than {@flowWhatever@}.

Bah. This forum’s too clever for its own good. Flow n where n = the number of the flow you’re referencing.

Thanks pianoleo, I’m aware of those and they are useful. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fix the common situation of inserting/deleting/moving material. If you have {{@flow6Whatever@} referenced in, flow 20, and then insert something before flow 6, then the reference in flow 20 (and everywhere else you used a @flow6Whatever@) will be wrong. So you still have to go and change every single one by hand, which is tedious and worse, error prone.