Reference track using Wavelab Elements

Hi there.

What would be the best way to A/B track using Wavelab Elements 10? I want to be able to have a commercially released track to compare with my pre-mastered material.

I just got a copy of Wavelab Elements 10 I am trying to figure out the best way to use such a technique.

I normally use Control Room in Cubase 10 and with a single key command tap, I can easily switch between mastered and not mastered tracks. But having Wavelab make me want to learn to do it using Wavelab instead.

Basically I would like to use a mastered reference track so I can better master my own tracks based on my references.

Thank you

WaveLab 10 Pro has a great feature called Reference Tracks for this purpose and more. I highly recommend the upgrade to Pro.

There are other plugins that can do some form of this, but the native solution in WaveLab Pro, combined with everything else you get is very much worth it in my opinion.

I do understand that. Thank you. However, I cannot justify spending more money upgrading to the Pro version just because of the reference track. I ain’t use it enough as I don’t master track very often. Just some casual practice. Nothing “Pro” yet.

I may stick with Cubase Pro for such tasks then. Hopefully, Steinberg consider having reference track in Wavelab Elements in upcoming updates. That would be nice tho.