Referencing score version number on the page template

I’d like to reference the score version number on the first pare of the full score and parts. I input the score version in “Other information” field in Project Info dialog, but I’m not able to reference that field while editing the page template. I tried {@projectOther@} {@projectOtherinformation@} {@projectOther information@} and none of these work. Does anyone know I can do that? Or does anyone know any other neat tricks to sneak in a version number onto the first page that I wouldn’t have to meticulously edit by hand in every part?

Once you create a text field and double-click in it to bring up the text tool, right-clicking should provide a list of valid tokens. Look under the Project element to expand its offerings.

Field in the Project Infodialog Token for Project page Token for Flow pages
Other information {@projectotherinfo@} {@flowotherinfo@}

(from the online manual: Tokens)

Thanks @Derrek, I thoroughly neglected the right-click possibility in this case. I’ll remember that.

@judddanby Thank you too. Half of the success working with the manual is knowing what the things you’re looking for are actually called. “that thing” turned out to be “tokens” today. :sweat_smile:

I totally understand, ! I have often tried multiple searches only to learn later that a different term is used. Glad my (rather brusque) response was helpful.

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Adding alternative metadata to the manual to try to help users just like you has become something of a condition for me, by this point – so I’m very interested in how you would naturally describe what you were looking for, ie what did/would you search the manual for?

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Hi @Lillie_Harris, I actually found the Tokens page in the manual on my own, right before @judddanby’s reply, so I managed to recreate the steps how I got there: I tried these two prhases in google: “how to reference fields composer lyricist dorico” and “dorico composer lyricist project info page template.” The latter took me to Project Info dialog in the online manual and there I saw Tokens in Related Links at the bottom and I thought to myself “what a funny word, I wonder what that is, let’s click” and still had no idea that’s what I was looking for. :joy: English is not my first language and while I know the word “token” in a different context, it didn’t click for me here. In my head I somehow got stuck to “reference” and I searched in google, not in the manual. The mission’s success was a coincidence really. Hope that helps!


That’s very helpful indeed, thank you!

A fairly recent addition to the manual was this page, which might also be a useful connection between the concept of “composer names” through to “tokens” and “page templates”.

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