Refresh audio devices

I opened a new audio device during a session in Dorico. Is there any way that Dorico recognizes the new device without restarting the program?

Preferences>Play>MIDI Input devices… check the ones that you need.

It’s an audio device, not a midi device. But checking the devices doesn’t help. The new audio device, which I opened after starting Dorico, isn’t listed without restarting the program.

Yes, I think Dorico scans for audio devices only at startup. I could be wrong, but the documentation does not seem forthcoming on this question.

Dorico does indeed only detect audio devices when it first starts up, so you will need to restart the application to see the new device listed.

FR: It would be nice to have a button " Refresh devices".

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Yes–this is happening to me more lately. It would be nice to be able to turn the audio engine off and on to reset audio output.