Refugees (Remix)

Here is the 4th track from Overland remixed.
Not a dance one at all… given the subject.
My main focus was to add depth.

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Great mix. The difference seems to me even more obvious with this piece. It sounds open and spacious with my HS50s, I’m salivating at the thought of getting HS8 soon.

Thx a lot Rene.
yeah, more space, exactly… more dimensions.
Also, we have to take in consideration that ( at least for me), going back and focus on the remix only gives probably more distance. I mean, i forbit myself to go back to the music itself … and i really pay attention to this.
The objective is to enhance the track but not change the parts/notes…
Really, it’s an interesting experience. And you know what… I’m learning a lot on the plugins usage…

Hi Stephco,
This really sounded good to me (of course, your material usually does). What I mentioned with another track concerning the highs on some of your drums was not an issue here at all.
Once again, I’ll mention the Joe Zawinul things I hear with you. There was a saxophone type sound that came in a few times about 2 minutes in that really reminded me in a good way of Zawinul’s writing for Wayne Shorter in Weather Report, and then what he did later on using an instrument called the Korg Pepe. Very nice mix of sounds in this. I liked an acoustic piano sound that came along at times too.
Great work!

Hey John,
Thanks for your feedback. Means I’m working in the right direction.
For the highs on drums, happy to ear that. I’m trying to leverage what you said along with Early21 and others, and this particular feedback came a few times. So I had to modify my EQs…

Didn’t know about the Korg Pepe… Thx for that too.

Okay it’s not just me! Zawinul! Thanks, Swetch! I would say that a good Zawinul track was full of percussion, but the percussion was secondary to the lead instruments, especially sax and keys. But this is great stuff, and I love it!