REFUND - I Cant Use My Cubase 10.5 Upgrade Code

I have bought a Cubase 10.5 Elements upgrade license which i have tried to upgrade from my Cubase 9.5 AI. When i have tried to activate my 9.5 AI first, i have got a message that says “The activation code has been used already” because i have reinstalled my Windows 10 recently. Therefore, i have tried to reactivate it. First, I have registered my soft e-licenser via mysteinberg and i can see it at eLicensers tab. Then, i have tried to reactivate soft e-licenser to get the new activation code. However, i couldn’t see my soft e-licenser at reactivation tab. I couldn’t use my 9.5 AI activation code at the end of the day.

I couldnt use my Cubase 10.5 elements upgrade license because e-Licenser Control Center says that i have no license available which can be upgraded. So i sent an e-mail to the Steinberg Support, and explained my situation with all of the necessary attachments 2 weeks ago. However, i have got no response from a real person that is in Steinberg crew except bots. This situation is frustrating and it costs me lots of time.

So i want a full refund. I hope you don’t close your eyes to this topic that you did before to my e-mail.

Hi mate

I have a similar issue and I have been waiting now for a week for an answer but nothing. I am honestly clueless where to go next its almost like you buy the product and if it works you are lucky if not you are left alone. I like Cubase but the aftersales support is a nightmare


I am just a long time user, however I think I can give you a solution this case.
Because you reinstalled your OS, you will need to re-active your Cubase AI.
This case the old active code of your AI can not be used, as it was used for your old OS.
You have to log in to your mySteinberg account, point to your Register product (Your AI Version) and click to the red Icon named “Software Reactivation”
You will receive a new Active code shortly to your email. Use it for your new OS.
Then you can use your Upgrade Active code without problem.

Nice day.