Refund? Or free upgrade ?

Hi Everyone.
I have been struggling with direct offline processing or even processing audio in cubase artist 9.5. I have spoken to support and downloaded the latest version which hasn’t changed a thing.
This still isn’t working .the direct offline processing works in its own window but nothing happens in the project window apart from an icon supposedly showing that it has been processed when clearly it has not.???
No auto apply box.not even an apply box.hopeless I have been a cubase user for many years in my old sx click the desired process and immediately it was done in the project why after paying the best part of 300 quid for artist 9.5 is this simple action not working… surely a refund or free upgrade to pro is the least they can do.I’m trying to make music here not try to solve bugs and look for a apply button that doesn’t exist.
If anyone has the same problem or can shed any light on this situation please help me.
When you consider all the great things cubase can do why can’t it do the simplest of things ???
Or why before I purchased artist 9.5 why didn’t they say oh by the way the direct offline processing does not work.surely this is their responsibility? ??
I am going to ask for a full refunded if this isn’t sorted out asap…
Thoughts please

Mmm, according to the « What’s new in 9.5 » page, the new DOP functions are in the Pro version only. So, if I get what you’re saying right, they don’t owe you anything, you need to upgrade to the Pro version. Or maybe I didn’t understand correctly what you expect of DOP…


Surely it should work in artist 9.5 right?

As it works in the dop window

If what blinkofani says is correct, and DOP is a Cubase Pro only feature, then it will of course not work in Cubase Artist.

blinkofani is right. If you go to the comparison page

under “Mixing”, the last line is “Direct Offline Processing”, and it is only listed under “Pro” and not “Artist” or “Elements”. I have the “Pro” version 9.5.21, and DOP is working fine. I’m not sure what you are seeing in the “Artist” version, but it isn’t a feature that is advertised for “Artist”.

Ok surely normal processing should work its a simple operation?

And why then would it work fine within the DOP window