Refund procedure

I bought Steinberg Wavelab Elements 10 at the special price of £42.00 last month (September 2020) I wanted to update my Wavelab version (v6) and Cubase v5 (after about 10 years) with a newer updated version. I only use Wavelab nowadays to digitize my Vinyl and reel to reel tapes from my old studio. I had a great deal of trouble getting to grips with Wavelab 10. It was so different to what I had been used to. I expected WL10 to be a simple swop to a newer, quicker and more streamlined program. Firstly I don’t record through a desk but directly to a PC through an ASUS Xonar Essence STX II.
After WLv6 i found that WL10 was not instinctive, I spent a great deal of time reading manuals and tips. Eventually I deleted it and continued with my old setup. I decided to give it another go, as it was a present for my 73rd birthday. Good god, what a nightmare. I gave up and decided to ask for a refund as I won’t use it!!
I sent an email to Steinberg support and as of today I have had no response. Where do I go from here.
Any suggestions

I think WL is one of the most intuitive programs that I could imagine. Especially after PG updated it when Version 9 was released. There are plenty of helpful videos on YouTube. Maybe it is worth watching a few of them??? FWIW

Just take the time to learn it. The new version is way better than the old versions once you get the hang of it.