Refund Request

I was instructed to post this here by Joel Gragg, Steinberg US Support:

Can you please issue me a refund for my purchase of the Cubasis iOS app? Without the ability to slave to an external MIDI clock, it is quite useless to me.


We are sorry that you are not able to use the app in its current version!
As Apple is your contractual partner for all items sold through the iTunes store, you will have to cancel your order in the iTunes store directly.

A guide how to return the app and automatically receive a refund to your iTunes account can be found here:

Alternatively, you can contact the iTunes support and ask for a refund. This usually requires the invoice number of the app purchased.

Sorry to hear that. Ed’s instructions are correct. Please be aware that after you get a refund the app will be deleted from your iPad and you won’t be able to use it anymore (unless you buy it again).

While I’m not about to stop using Cubasis because of the lack of MIDI Clock Sync In, it would be a nice to have. Any chance you’ll add it?


Just to let you know, I’m sorry but I also asked for a refund (bought 1.8 release)

You may not block external MMC, nor havn’t robust midi implementation to control volume and tracks with an external hardware device.
A sampler should be the minimum also…

Audiobus is great, interface is also great, so beautiful piece of software that became useless without external midi controls…

I guess it will be for a later version, so I might buy it later.

Best regards.

Hello crony,

Sorry to hear that.
But just to clarify: We don’t deliberately “block” any features such as MMC. Our engineers simply haven’t implemented the support for that as we had other topics to cover that more people wanted (such as automation).
The main idea behind Cubasis is to be able to create awesome music on the go. Carrying an external hardware fader control device (e.g. a Mackie Controller) would go against the mobility idea.