Hi. I purchased a license for Elements on 11 June. I really wanted the Artist edition but encountered problems with the dongle as soon as I plugged it in so I decided to get Elements first and upgrade later. It’s a DCOM issue. I’ve been waiting for you to resolve this issue but decided not to wait any longer. It has been nearly a month and I still can’t use Cubase on my computer. The tech I spoke with this Monday said Cubase will not run on my computer. I want a refund. I wrote to USA yamaha on Monday and haven’t heard back. Could somebody please contact me and explain the procedure for a refund?

I am customer #111327154

Ummm, this is a user forum - we can’t do that for you. You need to work with whoever sold Cubase to you (music store, Nexway AG - aka the online store). Pretty sure that you’d want to contact Steinberg and not Yamaha (who aren’t involved in the day-to-day management of their subsidiaries like Steinberg, Line6, Ampeg, etc.)

However it does seem odd that Cubase won’t run on your computer - any details as to why?

Steinberg/Yamaha offers refunds via email support. They offered it to me last month. They also direct users to come here for support, and they take months to respond via email, so this seems a catch22 for many users who need help.