What is steinberg’s refund policy?

See the FAQ below … if I read this correctly, then you can return the product for a refund within 14 days of purchase, provided you haven’t installed it yet.

Obviously you can’t try the product until you have installed and tried it, so if you are on the fence, you might want to wait until next month when the 30 day demo becomes available.

Already purchased the program & installed it :\

WOW, is it really THAT bad?

@akkad86, please say your circumstances are unusual - or that you’re just asking!

Well, I already purchased it and still haven’t studied it deeply, but I bet that one of my friends will also try a refund. He has a $12.000 Mac Pro machine, and he’s not able to work with one orchestral work he did with other software because Dorico seems painfully slow when the score is big. There is some other thread about Dorico’s speed this in the forum. That’s what he said at least, so for him is THAT bad.

(I haven’t experimented such extreme slowness as I’ve just been working today learning the interface, but I can confirm that the performance is not good, even with very small scores)

Please give us a chance to look at that, wait for the first patch at least.

My computer is above the minimum requierments needed and still the software is very slow and crashes all the time. I work as an engraver and copyist in the main music publication in my country and cannot afford to wait for updates and not use the software after I already paid.
I really hope steinberg will issue a refund for me. Does anyone know where should I ask for it? Contacting steinberg is also a little bit of a pain…

I’m sure that the team will do it’s best to improve the software and I really hope that in the future I would be able to work with the software flawlessly

Please send us the crash logs generated by the program so that we can investigate the problems you are experiencing. If you’re on Mac, they can be found in ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports. Zip them up and attach them here and we’ll have a look to see what’s going on.

If you bought the product directly from Steinberg’s online shop, you can email to enquire about a refund, but I hope you will instead give us the chance to work through the problems you are experiencing.

Yep, of course I’ll wait! I’ve been following every bit of news about Dorico since it was announced. I really think it will be great! I work in a software company and I understand what you’re suffering.

So, from this lines I want to encourage to the developers. Cheer up!

And also from this lines I want to blame and rant on whomever has decided to not hire more people to finish the work on time :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply Daniel. I don’t see any logs from the last day. Every time dogico froze for a long time I forced quitted it. Maybe that’s why it happened?
Should I wait for the program until it crashes and then the logs would appear?

I really hope that we will be able to solve this so I can keep the software.
I’ll try to work more tomorrow and when it crashes I will wait patiently.

If the program is going to crash, it should just get on with it and crash, rather than hang for ages and then crash, though of course nothing is impossible. What operations are you performing when the program hangs?

Just while inserting notes…
then suddenly the mouse icon turns to the spinning circle and it stays like that. when I click the force quit it shows that dorico is not responding.

Do you have a score that always exhibits that problem inserting at a particular position? If it is vaguely reproducible, I’d love to take a look. If you are happy to share the project, could you attach it here? Otherwise, I can pm you my email address.

It doesn’t happen at any particulare position and also happened in every new project I tried to open

Steinberg refuse to refund… :frowning:
I don’t know what to do. This is very upseting considering many of us get the feeling that dorico is now a complete and fully working software.

Whilst I can understand your frustration and don’t mean to be rude… if you rely heavily on a program for your work in the scoring business, then why hook on a 1.0 version? Stay with your old Programm, wait for the 30 day trial and maybe the first few minor updates and decide then if it’s for you.

It’s very common that new programs suffer from bugs and issues even after a proper beta testing. I also experience issues and slow responsiveness, but I’m very confident that the team at Seinberg work 24/7 to get those issues out of the way.

Early adopters always have to face such problems :wink:

I am very dissapointed with Dorico. List of the defects of this program is very long. I thought that they will take good examples from Cubase, but it seems it is some beta version. It is no complete program. I do not want to complain. But I will say this -buying Dorico today is a waste of money and I very regret this deal

Just think about it as an investment in a potential good software for a fairly price (Crossgrade, especially EDU crossgrade).
Buying an initial release of business software of any kind is not immediat for productive work.
As software developer myself I see the potential of Dorico and hope that it can replace my Sibelius within the next 3 months. Until that point I am more than happy to be able to influence this software by providing constructive feedback and bug hunting (would like to see some Kind of portal for that porpuse in near future :slight_smile:

wait… i could have gotten both an EDU + Crossgrade discount?? :astonished: oh nooooo…