I’ve just downloaded cubasis from the App Store a few days ago. I’m an experienced musician and sound engineer, and have worked with Cubase many times before. after using cubasis for a few days, I came to realize it’s extremely primitive in its editing capabilities ( no way to consolidate events, no markers, no auto ripple features etc ).
I must say I’m disappointed with this app, and find it really hard to work with - is there any way to delete it and get a refund? ( I’m new to the AppStore, so I don’t really know what the terms of purchase are. But this app is just useless to me )


Hi elzo379,

Thanks for your message.

We’re sorry to hear that you’re unsatisfied with Cubasis so far.

If you want to get an overview of all the features available in the app, our wide range of tutorials might be helpful:

App purchases are handled over Apple.
In case you still want to return the app, please get in touch with Apple who will take care about the issue.