How do we go about getting refunds? Cubase that doesn’t support 32bit plugins is utterly useless to me. Had I known this before purchasing I wouldn’t have bothered.

Why don’t you use Jbridge like others?

Apparently doesn’t work with OSX later than 10.10

Support ticket opened for refund, we will see what happens before I take other routes.

It’s a real shame as I was really looking forward to finally having an undo in the mixer. As it stands I’ve opened it only to discover my core plugins are now useless. Utterly, utterly useless.

But it says, that it is being implemented. Maybe ask them about ETA?

I shouldn’t have to screw around contacting third party suppliers for functionality I didn’t even know I needed. Steinberg should have clearly stated before purchase that they were removing functionality, at which point I would have not purchased their product.

steinberg announced on site in their news feed a couple months ago that cubase 9 would be 64 bit only. guess you missed that. regretful you cannot enjoy a truly great product :neutral_face:

This info should be on the PURCHASE screen when you go to buy AND in the pages for C9, it is NOT found anywhere.
Anyone cross grading will not see that article you linked as well. Others who dont frequent the forum or have the HUB turned off for whatever reason would not see that as well.

C9 Requires 64bit plugins and WILL NOT work worth 32 bit versions should be in all advertising. THis would have avoided all these pissed off people as well.

i would have to agree with you it is a pretty major change / consideration when purchasing a product that has supported both since version 5. these days i find this happening more…eg ikmultimedia amplitube is only 64bit now. hope all works out for you :slight_smile:

Im all 64 bit here, have been for two years, its the point and this is the 2nd time steins has done this, DX was the first plugin they dropped and didn’t tell anyone at all

Apparently doesn’t work with OSX later than 10.10

You’re on a Mac, right? Check out Sound Radix’s 32 Lives. Works like a charm and runs
so much easier and better than JBridge ever did. Totally brainless to run and no stupid wrapped apps filling up your dock. 32 bit plugs run more efficiently than Steinberg’s lame bitbridge and JBridge. $20 bucks off right now.

sentinel is the right way. There is no other way to force developers to go on 64 bit. on the other hand you got more possibilities with 64bit. i think you should contact jbridge. i got plenty of 32 bit vsti and vst effect. no blacklist and no problem which could not be solved by jbridge.

I would have voted for dropping 32 bit even if some of my plugins won’t work anymore. It’s a pain when Cubase bombs.

I have a solid group of 32 bit plugs that I still cherish and use, they don’t cause crashes and have been working well in C8.5, mainly without JBridge - though I need it for some.

This “amputation” was announced - ish! It’s true, but for me it completely screws with backwards compatability. I don’t want to have to keep multiple versions of Cubase on an already busy SSD. I would like the new features of C9 and would pay the price but for this.

So, until JBridge catches up or Steinberg see sense and make the plug in sentinel tolerant or optional, I am holding back.

Steinie, you are at grave risk of losing yet another professional and devotee (since Pro24)

As to refund, I think it’s completely justified, as the implications of this change weren’t clearly stated in the promotion in my opinion. It has been spun as an improvement to program stability, not as a major loss of functionality.

A really workable idea is to use Vienna Ensemble for 32bit stuff.


But only for VSTis.

Or, very simple reverb-oriented effects, in simple “sends” use-cases, using Vienna’s Audio Input plugin. In my real-world examples, sync issues happened using Vienna’s Audio Input.

Long story short: The way Vienna’s Audio Input bypasses the normal way audio outputs for inserts, and instead teleports (circumvents) to a server instance receiver on another buss, causes PDC (Plugin Delay Compensation) issues if the PDC value is different between those two busses.

Basically, Vienna’s Audio Input was designed, mainly, for reverb sends, where the problem is avoided.

Just a heads up in case you try it and run into sync/delay issues.

That said, if you get lucky and are working entirely with zero latency plugins, or are not using complex Group Busses, you may get Vienna’s Audio Input working fine without sync issues.

I should note that this is not a Cubase issue or a DAW issue, or even a “bug” per se in Vienna, but an inherent limitation in the way Vienna’s Audio Input is architected (how it circumvents, and also how it reports a fixed latency). It doesn’t let the DAW properly do its PDC thing.

To long, don’t read, but my saga is posted here for anyone interested: Audio Input (wired as Insert) on Cubase Buses = PDC / Sync Woes | VSL Forum

Thanks to someone posting this in the other thread, this is actually the route I’ve taken and I agree it’s great. (Hope I got the discount actually - I didn’t notice!)

It’s actually better than the 8.5 bridge as you see the GUI just like back in the 32 bit day :slight_smile:

I think the OP deserves a refund! I knew about 64bit only because a visit the forum regularly but nowhere on the site is this mentioned in the system requirements! So it is easy not to be aware of it. A simple needs 64 bits OS and plugins would have been enough. That said I happily use some 32 bit plugs with Jbridge , but this is on windows!
Good luck to the OP!

For info - Steinberg offered me a refund which was appreciated and the right thing to do, however after recommendations of people here I bought a license for 32 Lives which is great (however it does double the cost of the upgrade to C9) so I refused their offer and will stick with C9.

I do however stand by my suggestion that Steinberg should clearly indicate that they have removed 32bit plugin support from C9 somewhere that is clearly visible before purchase so that people can make an informed decision.