Hello everyone.

I’ve never posted anything on the Steinberg Forum, because luckily I never had a problem so far…but that’s changed.

Anyway, I am having a problem with Nexus2 on Cubase 6/7

Basically what happens is, when I load Nexus2 as a VST Instrument and the GUI is opened, it works, but the moment I flip the GUI around, as in the back of the Nexus2 interface, cubase will crash within a few second… just by moving the cursor around a bit. This happens in both Cubase 6 & 7, tried it on Macbook Pro & iMac, does it on both. I have Ableton as well and it doesn’t do it on there…

I contacted the people at reFX about this problem and they said it’s most likely an error with the back of the GUI and they will look into it and bring out an update…

But obviously it has something to do with Cubase & not liking something about the back of Nexus’ GUI.

Can anyone out there please tell me if you have this issue? Or maybe a suggestion to what it could be…

Thanks in advance

I opened it in both 32 & 64Bit

OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.3
Macbook Pro / iMac
CB 6 / 7