Regarding error in fonts

When I open any scores or projects, the error about missing font style is always popping up. I’ve checked my font book, and it shows that Petaluma font is installed. So why do I get the error message about missing italic style for Petaluma font?

Petaluma Regular is the only variant of Petaluma that exists.
The missing font dialog tells that you don’t have Petaluma Italic. You don’t - it’s entirely correct.

See this thread, for instance, and read down at least a little:

The link of the explanation is unfortunately not working anymore

Try Question about Fonts on Mac OS 10.15.5 (Catalina)

My missing font is regular because it’s named medium in the legni fingering font. Anyway to avoid the warning window anytime I open the dorico file?

Solved it. Had to set the style preference to medium…

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