Regarding measurement of Dorico trial license period.

I would strongly expect that the trial license period of Dorico is measured by seconds but not by dates. (Cubase trial is measured by dates, while Nuendo trial is measured by seconds.) I won’t mind if the total amount of period per Dorico trial will be reduced as 1/2 of the trial period per Nuendo trial, but this will surely make the trial license more flexible to use.

// Note that I already purchased Dorico but this suggestion is for just-in-case.

Just in case, and for the utmost flexibility, a 30 day demo would be 2,592,000 seconds.

Regarding trial license period, measuring such period in seconds (but not dates) may be reasonable for Nuendo since its price is of extreme expense. For Dorico, even though 1296,000 seconds (half of the period per Nuendo trial license), it will still definitely be more useful comparing to 30-day demo counted by dates (as what Cubase trial currently do). It is obvious that it is impossible for anyone to sit in front of computer to use a trial license 24-7 without going to dinner, toilet, and sleep.

The trial version will be for an elapsed period of 1 month, which will allow unlimited usage during that period.

Thanks. Looks like as same as what Cubase does at this moment.

Since this is already a hard deal made for Dorico 1 Trial, I reclaim this feature request to Dorico 2 Trial (and further major releases). Ten days or half-month time (as long as measured in seconds) is enough if it is not calculated as elapsed period but just like what Nuendo trial does, and it allows users to take advantages from it sufficiently.

Is the trial-period refreshable for new versions of Dorico?

If I would try Dorico V1.0, could I try again if Dorico V1.5 is released? May be, that an early Version does not convince me to buy, but after some updates/upgrades the Dorico experience may be better to convince me buying it.

I believe it would be possible to have a new Dorico trial license in the event of the first one expiring. However, I expect there will be some kind of restriction on the number of trial licenses we give to a single user, as obviously you could otherwise simply obtain a new trial license every 30 days and use Dorico indefinitely without ever buying it.

I would rather prefer to use Trial licenses as my plan B just in case of having my dongle forgotten at my residence. Nevertheless, my purchase of this product could be referred through this invoice Number: RE-1600772638.