Regarding monitoring surround mixes

Hi guys,

I was wondering what others are using when mixing in surround and wanting to doublecheck their mix on a consumer system.
I use a pro-5.1 setup for mixing (Motu 896 + 5.1 Adam speakers), and since I mostly work for games, delivery, implementation and testing in the game are no problem.
We can run the game and play the surround audio (for ex of a 5.1 cutscene) with a consumer set hooked up.

But what if I wanted to play my 5.1 mix on a PS4, hooked up to a 5.1 consumer set?
Are there any methods/tricks I missed…?

Big thanks in advance!


Hi. I use this small device and it works pretty good. But the delay which appears when sound stream goes thru it has to be eliminated.