Regarding Ped. or - adding the Ped glyph manually

I am trying to create a Ped. retake within a dashed line, I was only able to use retake within a consistent line so I decided to split the Ped. line line and continue it with a dashed line and without the Ped glyph but this also breaks the Ped. continuation, yet again - when the Ped line continued over to the next page ( or if it would to the next system for that matter ) - the instruction for it to continue the Ped glyph in parenthesis have made no appearance -because I was trying to hide the Ped. when I’ve changed the line… I was trying to open the text editor to add the glyph artificially but there was no Ped Glyph text there ( only harp ) in the maestro music fonts.
Simply put - I’d like to to work with a dash line but when needed to add a retake or add artificially the Ped. glyph to a dash line but without breaking the Ped fx when splitting the lines… - how can I do this?

Do you mean like this?

If so, select the pedal line in Engrave mode and set the Dashed segments property to All Segments.

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cheers :slight_smile: