Regarding Recording

Stereo Sound from my portable keyboard is not recording.Please help me in this regard!!! :smiley:

How about giving some details:

  • Brand/model of your audio interface
  • Operating system of your computer
    And last but not least:
  • Software you are using to record

Interface: Digidesign Digi001
Os:Windows XP
DAW: Cubase 5

You say the sound of your keyboard is not recording. Can you record any other sounds (microphones etc) connected to same inputs in your Digi as your keyboard.

If yes, the problem is in your keyboard or the way you have connected it. Please specify how you’ve connected your equipment.

If no, problem is Digi- or Cubase-related. For Cubase-related issues, please post on Cubase 5 and 4 forum.

It’s important you give as many details as possible about your setup/your connections/the steps you’ve taken while trying to record. Without these details it’s extreamly hard to identify, what’s wrong.

Post in the C5 Forum.

Actually my keyboard has no separate left and right channel line out.So I only use a Stereo TRS cable.I tried it connecting to the 1 of the line input of the Digi 001. So when Audio is recorded stereo sound doesn’t comes . I hear only one half sound although I have used stereo input in Cubase 5. I tried changing it to mono but also no problem solved

You’ll need TRS -> 2xTS adapter cable (aka stereo -> 2x mono cable, aka insert cable). Like this one:

Connect TRS to your synth and 2xTS to 2 channels of your Digi