Regarding The Android Version + New Ideas

I’m very glad that iOS users got their issues with this app resolved and even got some new drums along with the fix. Thank you for that. That said, it’s important that the Android version gets some attention, too. I know that the lot of you are very busy and current world events are making things difficult, but seeing as you managed to make an update, I don’t think it’s impossible. It may take time, but I believe it can be done.

With that out of the way, I have some ideas. First off, I’d like an additional octave to be added: octave 0. So far, there are two instruments that can reach that octave due to them being transposed an octave down: Reso Bass and Hip Hop Bass. They aren’t bad instruments, I especially quite like the Reso Bass, but I’d quite like other instruments to be able to go that low, too. It’s not uncommon in metal for the bass to be tuned lower than C1. Lowest I’ve ever heard is E0, and that’s on a ten string guitar.

Second idea is to split Power Chords into muted and sustained versions. The iOS version can create this using the sampler, but for Android users who don’t have a sampler [yet], this would be a benefit, especially to those who love metal.

Lastly, the consolidation update. This one is a massive update, which makes why it is taking so long understanable to an extent. How many years ago was it announced? Anyway, I think another way to handle this is instead of releasing it all at once, it can be sent out in chunks, eventually building up to the complete consolidation of the iOS and Android versions. The order could be dictated by whichever functions are completed first, but I really would like to have the sampler as soon as possible along with soundfont support.

Thanks for listening and have a good one.

Ah, almost forgot. Distortion Bass can also be split in two, seeing as there is a second version that starts at I think A#4.