Regarding the design of Dorico Apps

This is nothing related to the functionalities of Dorico per se. I just want to raise a question about the design of Dorico Apps on the Mac OS. Referring to the screenshots, don’t you guys think that the Dorico App itself is disproportionately large and therefore visually obtrusive. Also, there’s something really funny with the Steinberg Library Manager icon, where the big fat white square is shown as the background layer even though it is totally unnecessary.

These are simple issues to tackle. 1)resize the Dorico icon to be about the same size as other round-shaped icons of native Mac OS apps. 2)remove the white background of the Library Manager.

Being a company that devotes much attention to the UI of its apps(Dorico has one of the nicest UI in music notation softwares in my opinion), I believe the same aesthetics should be observed in simple things like the App icons.

Thanks for your feedback, frankthetank_98. Application icons are designed in a uniform manner across all of our applications. We’ve been using the same application icon for several versions now, and I’d be in favour of an update, but it will only happen when we collectively decide it’s time for a refresh.

Yes. But there is no need for an ‘overhaul’ though, just resizing will do. Of course, a drastic makeover would be nice to look forward to!