Regarding the two different types of colors in cubase...

I am wondering why there seems to be 2 different types of colors in cuabase.

If I open my MIDI template, I get regular colors for tracks, but if I open a blank session, I get fluorescent colors for tracks…

I would love to use the regular colors for MIDI tracks and the FLUORESCENT colors for Audio.

Is there a way to do this? WHy the different colors?


What does the manual say?

Because color palette is saved with a template.

Option 1: modify the color palette for your needs and save as template.
Option 2: open template with desired color palette, modify other things for your needs and save as template.

I realized after readong some other posts that I have been confused because I was one of the people with the upgrade version in which the coloring wasnt working properly.

I just did the update 7.0.3 and all the color features are responding as described in the manual.

THank you very much!

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