Regarding Wavelab Elements 9

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Is it possible to embed ISRC cod and render a DDP file in this version ?


WaveLab elements doesn’t render DDP (you need the Pro version) but you should clarify if you want to add the ISRC codes to the CD-Text or embed the ISRC codes as metadata in a WAV or mp3 file.

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I guess that it´s ok just to embed the ISRC code as metadata in each wav file?
I´d just want to make the songs as complete as possible before the cd print, I got the ISRC codes and
hoped to make it easier.

I don’t know the limitations of WaveLab Elements but my guess is that in Elements you can add the ISRC codes to the CD tab in the montage for each track so that the ISRC codes are present on a burned CD along with any CD-Text you enter.

There is a difference between embedded an ISRC in a raw WAV file vs. on the actual CD or DDP. I don’t know if Elements has the ability to write the ISRC code to the ID3v2 field of a WAV or mp3 file.

In WaveLab Pro it’s easy to add ISRC codes to the CD/DDP and WAV/mp3 files but I can’t speak for Elements specifically other than Elements doesn’t write DDP files.

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